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At Fertility2Birth we have looked after women for over a decade. The Fertility2Birth hypnobirthing course and hypnofertility programme were created in 2010. Back then less than a handful of hypnobirthing courses existed allowing us to take a privileged part in the positive birth revolution. We closely follow new research and technological developments to continually improve and update the programme. When you choose the Fertility2Birth hypnobirthing course you know you will work with a practitioner that is highly knowledgeable in hypnosis, birth and fertility. 

The hypnobirthing and hypnofertility fertility2birth programmes were written by Juliet Hollingsworth of Juliet Hollingsworth Hypnotherapy in Farnham, Surrey and Sue Smith of SKS Hypnotherapy in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.

Whilst we both work personally with clients, run courses to train practitioners and work on continually improving the fertility and birth programmes Fertility2Birth also has practitioners across the world for you to see if you are not local to Surrey / Suffolk.

Hypnobirthing and Hypnofertility

If you face infertility let us help you on your journey. Whether that be a journey towards pregnancy or with the emotions that surround the choice to live a life different to that which you expected. We give you the space to speak so you feel heard. Hypnofertility is shown to increase the chances of pregnancy so a worthwhile investment if this is your wish.

A hypnobirthing course that is designed to help you have a birth free from trauma. A birth in which you feel in control. After taking the hypnobirthing course you will feel empowered to take charge of your birth experience to have the birth of your choosing.

Sue Smith 07960 569280

Juliet Hollingsworth  01252 415109 / 07900 976338

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