Sue SmithI am a two time natural birthing mum and share below moments from the births of my children. I have 10 years experience working in a very busy maternity department. I have witnessed the births of many babies, both from mothers who are calm and relaxed and those who are not. Trust me the difference is very noticeable.

I am also a clinical Hypnotherapist and originally trained at the Essex Institute of Clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy, by the very well respected Terence Watts. I then went onto to specialise as a Hypnobirthing practitioner, completing my training via the Marie Mongon method. With my clinical maternity experience I decided that I could put both my professions together to develop the Fertility2birth’s HypnoBirth program, alongside my colleague Juliet. The program is a whole birth education program and is advocated by midwives.

I support couples at some vulnerable times, and empower them to turn a negative situation into a wonderfully positive one. I am passionate in giving couples the skills to aid them to the most positive birth experience they can have. I am so passionate because I know that it works. The figures alone prove this without the aid of testimonials. I accept that I cannot know all the answers, but I will always go that extra mile to find whatever anyone needs to know…..except of course what came first the chicken or the egg!!!

With the right skills, information and practice anyone can benefit from Fertility2births HypnoBirth program. Juliet and I are very proud of this. It is not the case of needing a high pain threshold, or just being lucky, it is about believing in your amazing mind and body. Because you can do it if you want to, and let’s face it- who would choose an uncontrolled traumatic birth experience, when you can have a calm and relaxed experience, where you are in control?

The birth of my children were the most amazing experiences of my life. The first two were natural, but unfortunately the last was an emergency c-section as my son was not happy in his surroundings. I never once blamed myself for this, he had got himself in a bit of a pickle and had the cord around his neck. So you see sometimes medical intervention is needed and for this I am eternally grateful.

My first born, my daughter was born in 1992 in the Cayman Islands, so I was a long way from home. I had done the American Lamaze classes, which taught me how to breathe, and to relax and trust my body. This is exactly what I did. My contractions started and I went on a 4 mile walk, much to my birthing partner’s disgust! She was far more nervous than I was, I took her on a special journey. We got to the hospital at 2pm, I was examined and was 3 cms dilated. Fantastic, we were well on the way! We laughed, I relaxed and I just allowed my body to do what it wanted to do. At 6.45 I was examined again and was 5 cms dilated. The doctor told me that it was going to be a while before we had a baby. However my daughter had different plans. 20 minutes later I had an overwhelming urge to bare down, I told my partner and that information was passed onto the midwife, who said that it was not possible. Oh yes it was! She was coming- ready or not. Three gentle pushes and there she was, my beautiful daughter, all 7lb 6oz. What an incredible experience- I had allowed my body to take over and it did just what it was designed to do.

The birth of my son was in the UK and I was already working in the hospital where I was due to give birth. I went to hospital at 8am as I had a slight bleed and the midwives just wanted to check everything was ok. I was having very mild tightenings and so I decided that I would stay in. As the birth of my daughter had been quite quick, I didn’t want to spend the day in the car! Again, my husband and I laughed and just relaxed. We went for a walk and by 3pm I was 5 cos dilated. Once again I was told that things would take a few hours. This must be my psychological trigger because just like the first time 20 minutes later I had that urge to bare down and was fully dilated. I allowed my body to push my son into the world. After 4 gentle pushes there he was, slightly larger than my daughter, at 7lb 13oz. He was so calm, just like my daughter had been. I now know that this was because I had been so calm, and he had been flooded with my endorphins. We were all at home tucked up in bed by 9 that evening.

My last son was born via emergency c-section. As I said earlier ,I do not blame myself for this, as there was nothing that I could have done to change it. He just enjoyed playing with his cord far too much and had wrapped it around himself. I had to be put to sleep so didn’t get to see him born, but as soon as we did meet I put him to my breast and fed him as though nothing had happened. He was the largest of the three at 9lb 2oz.

I am totally convinced that my positive attitude to birth, and trusting in my body, allowed me to have the wonderful birth experiences that I did. Now with the Fertility2Birth program we can share this and teach you how to do the same.

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