Hypnobirthing by Fertility2Birth is an amazing programme consisting of three two-hour sessions in which you will learn the tools to help you have a relaxed and controlled birth. 

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Using Hypnosis to help with labour has been shown to reduce the length of the first stage of labour by hours, and the second stage from an average of 50 minutes to 37 minutes.

We spent a lot of time investigating the secrets that really help women to have the labour we all dream of. Females commonly fear giving birth from an early age, and males often have very little idea of what will happen at the delivery of their baby. It is also the case that the birthing partner has very little input at the birth and often feels quite useless.

The Fertility2Birth HypnoBirth program aims to remove all of the fears associated with birth and turn those feelings into enthusiastic anticipation. Whether you choose the individual, or group program, you will receive all course material. Including an abundance of things for the birthing partner to do prior to the birth and during labour. (This does not mean that the birthing partner has to participate). If you choose to use the HypnoBirth program on your own, we provide you with two CDs that can be used daily, as well as other special tricks and techniques.

The program empowers you to take back the control of your baby’s birth. It is not surprising that we often lose control in this fast paced, super technological world. We go to school and obey the teachers, we go to work and obey our managers, we become adults yet still allow our parents to influence us. Everyone has their speciality and it is very rare for us to turn around and question, let alone say no. The HypnoBirth program restores your confidence so you feel that it is ok to liaise with the medical staff. You will realise that it is fine to ask why, and if you do not like something, to have the confidence to question it.

Clinical research has shown that confident, relaxed and positive mothers have better birth outcomes. During the Fertility2Birth HypnoBirth program you will learn how to relax using hypnosis. So that during your labour you can, if you choose to, enter the deep relaxed state that hypnosis can be. Many people do not realise that hypnosis is actually a heightened state. When in hypnosis, although you will feel very relaxed you will be able to think, feel and behave as normal. You will have focused concentration and be in full control of your body. The HypnoBirth program is not all about hypnosis so, even though it is strongly recommended, you will not have to be under hypnosis at any point if you choose not to be. Remember this is all about having the birth of your dreams.

It is amazing how our brain and body can work naturally. Due to evolution and because we are so intelligent, we have forgotten how to use our brain the way animals do. Did you know that if an animal senses danger it can stop its labour? It will move to a safer place and resume the labour again. Amazingly it is the same process, known as the ‘fight or flight’ response that causes humans to have prolonged labours resulting in medical intervention. The only difference is that we are not in danger, so there is no need for us to go into this natural response. We do it unknowingly. We no longer need this natural response in the same way animals do and have lost the ability to control our body’s natural responses. In fact many of us do not even know these responses exist let alone how to stop them. With HypnoBirth you will learn about the fight and flight response and why humans often go into this mode, you will learn why there is no need for this and also how to control your own body so that it does not have an unnecessary reaction.

It is worth remembering that anything a pregnant woman takes into her body will also be taken in by her baby. This includes any medicine given during labour. Using the HypnoBirth program the chances of you requiring medical intervention including pain relief are reduced dramatically. This means that not only will your body heal at a much faster rate after the delivery, but your baby will be brought into the world drug free. Sometimes things do not always go to plan and the program helps you to be aware of this and how to deal with any feelings that may occur if your labour does not go exactly as your Birth Plan stated.

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