24 MARCH 2020



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Are you wanting to add another string to your bow?
Complete your CPD for the year?
Generate more business?
Diversify your business?
We have just the course for successful hypnotherapists like yourself.


“Fabulous course. Thank you Juliet. The content was incredible and truly empowering. I’m really looking forward to putting it into practice. I have my first guinea pig lined up.”

“A lovely day indeed. Thank you so much Juliet, the course was incredibly informative, really research based, I look forward to reading more of the books and studies you referred to. I am excited to be joining this wonderful community.”





We have released the dates of our next hypnobirthing practitioner course. The course will take place at The Royal Society of Medicine in London, there are just ten places so please book early with a £150 deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit you will be sent your copy of Hypnobirth Yourself so that you can take your time to read it, should you wish, prior to the course.

Those who attend our training day will benefit from the following and more;
  • Hypnobirthing training day.
  • A copy of Hypnobirth Yourself; the only widely available hypnobirthing book with a specific book for the birth partner too.
  • Comprehensive manual of all techniques, protocols, pre-talk and scripts.
  • Scripts for all hypnosis and a step by step guide that allows you to simply read from the page or tailor to your clients personally.
  • Take home support recording scripts.
  • All MP3 recordings to support the programme.
  • Free listing on the Fertility2Birth website under your geographical area with a blurb about you.
  • Free invite to the online community of Fertility2Birth hypnobirthing practitioners.
  • Obligation, no commitment free support whenever you need it.
  • The ability to be completely self sufficient as a business with no requirement to buy expensive materials from us for each new client.
  • Course certification.
  • Certification allows you to buy copies of Hypnobirth Yourself at a discounted rate to sell on at a profit or to give away to your clients.
… And all for the price of just one new client (and you can easily charge more if you wish!)

Hypnobirth Practitioner Course


24 March; London


The cost of the course is £450. You will receive your copy of Hypnobirth Yourself in the post upon payment of a £150 deposit. The remainder of the payment is due two weeks before the course.

By London Underground

Oxford Circus (Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines) and Bond Street (Central and Jubilee lines).

By bus

Closest routes are: 2, 7, 10, 12, 13, 22, 23, 25, 30, 55, 73, 74, 88, 94, 98, 113, 139, 159, 189, 274, 390, 453, C2

By bike

There are several points in Cavendish Square where bicycles can be secured to a barrier. Cycle hire docking stations are located nearby on Chapel Place.

By car

Car parks are located in Cavendish Square and Harley Street.


The public entrance to the building is located on 1 Wimpole Street.

The RSM is wheelchair accessible.

Registered guide and hearing dogs are welcome in the building with their owners.

Recently I spent the day with someone but there was nearly 6000 miles between us, what were we doing?

Thirty years ago, that would have been a great riddle!

In fact, just ten years ago when we started this training it would have been puzzling for some. I can remember driving three hours to work with two lovely ladies that hosted a course in one of their homes. Nowadays it isn’t so necessary to do this. Whilst I love working face to face and very much have a face to face not face to phone philosophy; in some instances, skype has been amazing.

If you would like me to travel to your home to help you become a fertility2birth hypnobirthing teacher all I ask is that there are two or more of you. The cost is slightly higher to cover my travel costs and whilst I would love a holiday to another country, I am very happy to run the practitioner training via skype to save you the airfare!

If this is something that is of interest to you, please give me a shout. I can offer the training at weekends / weekdays, in one full day or smaller snippets.

Learn the amazing techniques that help couples struggling with infertility AND become a practitioner of the hugely successful HypnoBirth course.

“Having done my research on hypno-birthing and fertility courses I felt so lucky to have found this course. It was well presented and very interesting. Sue and Juliet were lovely and I felt everything I could have possibly wanted to know was covered in the course content. I can definitely see why they are popular with their clients as they both showed such a caring attitude and would think nothing of putting themselves out to help anyone. I left the course feeling very confident in knowing I would now be able to offer this service to my clients but also aware that there would be support always available should I need it. I would recommend this course to everyone. Thank you so much the both of you.”

“Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have worked with pregnancy before and I am happy to say that you confirmed I was doing the right thing with the relaxation side. However I didn’t always know why it was the right thing and what effect it had physiologically, now I have that knowledge too, along with many things I wasn’t doing before! Hope that makes sense! I also really enjoyed the fertility day. It was all very interesting and I loved the informal, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Can’t wait to start putting it all into practice.”

“My brain feels brimming with knowledge. It was really useful to have it all in one place and on one day. It was also great to meet the group and share the experience with them.”


What if I'm already qualified in using hypnosis for Birth or Fertility?
You are welcome to attend just one day- fertility or birth. It is also ok if you have qualified in another company’s programme but still want to attend both days and make use of the Fertility2Birth structure.

We have many practitioners on our courses that are already qualified in another programme but find that it doesn’t work for them. Perhaps they do not like that they have to pay an annual subscription fee. Some find their currant programme too prescriptive and they would like something that they can personalise towards their clients. Others find that the programme they have already trained in does not fit the nationality of the clients that they are working with. And some dislike having to purchase more material from the company they trained with for each new client. If it is the case that your current programme is not suitable for all of your clients please contact us for further information.

Why Fertility2Birth?
Firstly we do not tie you to us. Unlike many other hypnobirthing companies we believe in giving our practitioners wings and then letting them fly. Many other training schools will demand annual subscription fees and take a percentage of all practitioner earnings. We only give- once you are qualified you will have a listing on our website for as long as you wish. We offer ongoing support and the option to buy copies of Hypnobirth Yourself at a reduced rate. You can add to your income by selling to clients, or give away with your hypnobirthing package. We originally wrote the fertility2birth program because we were not happy with the qualifications in birthing and fertility that we had already achieved. We did not like the fact we could not personalise the course structure to suit each individual client and also did not feel the structure of some of the course was full enough. It is a requirement of many other organisations to make you purchase course material from them for each of your clients, this means extra cost to you, and extra income for them. At Fertility2birth we do not ask this of you, we teach you the tools needed to produce your own. We also provide you with the necessary contacts to do this. We feel that this makes it more cost effective and allows you to be in charge of how you work with clients. We wanted the Hypnobirth section of the course to be a complete birth education programme, not just about hypnosis, and because of our previous medical background this was possible. What you will find with the fertility2birth is an amazingly successful HypnoBirth programme that you can tailor around each of your clients. If you feel that it is sufficient as it is you can simply follow the course structure outlined in a very simple format for easy use. However if you feel a client would benefit from something extra, or you feel there are parts irrelevant to a particular client, you can choose to change the structure to something you find more suitable. Although we can provide you with pre-recorded CDs to give to your clients we encourage you to record your own using the scripts provided. Some of our practitioners even encourage the birthing partner to record the CD so that it is personalised to each client. This can eliminate the problem of language barriers or use of words that are common in another country but not here. Our programme is straightforward, there is not much that the couples need to remember or do just a few techniques that help so much! It is beneficial to remember that a pregnant woman may still have to work full time until just a few weeks before she gives birth. This can mean that time is a constraint. Our programme does not require the couples to spend hours at home on ‘homework’. Therefore the most important things are practised daily getting the amazing results we so enjoy. Our fertility program can be used for clients experiencing unexplained fertility or for clients with a medical condition. It can be used for clients trying to conceive naturally or clients undergoing medical intervention. Along with the course process you will receive lots of information on IVF, the procedure that is used and many statistics so that you have a full understanding of what your client is experiencing. The only thing we ask for if you wish to study for the fertility practitioner qualification is a good understanding of hypno analysis (regression). If you are unfamiliar with this please still contact us as we may be able to help you with this. It’s worth noting that the success rate of IVF can be increased from under 20% to over 50% using hypnosis. We can teach you the tools to help your clients get the pregnancy they so deserve. However it is about much more than just falling pregnant. Couples experiencing infertility often feel that it has taken over their life. They are not happy in any way and really need some help to get back on track. Many of our clients do manage to conceive with our help but the ones that continue to try and conceive always leave our office happy with their life.
What if I'm not a hypnotherapist?
If you’re not a hypnotherapist, you can still study and become a qualified Fertility2Birth HypnoBirth practitioner. When we first started running our hypnobirthing teacher training courses in 2010 it was really only hypnotherapists that we worked with. Hypnobirthing was an extra string to the bow of a hypnotherapist. It wasn’t long before we penned an add on day course for the non-hypnotherapist that wanted to study with us and we would tag that day either side of the hypnobirthing practitioner training days. Excitingly we have now found a way to teach everybody without separation. Our courses bring together hypnotherapists, birth professionals, doulas, those wishing to switch career or create a new career and those with a passion for birth. We have even trained a couple of soon to be Grandmas that have been asked to be birth partner and want to take on the role of hypnobirthing teacher alongside birth partner. If you feel that you would like to train with us, please do Please contact us for more information as there is definitely a space for you.
What do I need to bring?
Just yourself, a pen and some paper. We will provide you with a hard copy of all course material and a computer disc containing the same. We will also provide course notes so that you do not have to write everything down.
How much can I earn?
This really depends on you. We do not specify a price for you to charge that of course is up to you. Sometimes geographical location can make all the difference. This is something that we cover in our hypnobirthing practitioner training days. The answer to the question really does vary. It depends on many things including the area of the country and whether you are holding a group class or a private class. More importantly though it depends on what you feel comfortable charging. We expect the range to be between £200 and £600 but we am sure there are some teachers that charge less and some that charge more. When you join us for the hypnobirthing practitioner course we can discuss all of the aspects of supporting couples that you need to take into account when setting your fee. We believe that every pregnant woman should take our HypnoBirth course. Using Hypnosis to help with labour has been shown to reduce the length of the first stage of labour by hours, and the second stage from an average of 50 minutes to 37 minutes.

Infertility affects over 7 million couples in England alone. We can help those couples to fall pregnant before they are forced to seek medical help. We can also help whilst they are undergoing fertility treatment. Hypnosis can increase IVF success rates from under 20% to over 50%! Couples suffering from infertility welcome anything that can help. We believe that every pregnant woman should take our HypnoBirth course. Using Hypnosis to help with labour has been shown to reduce the length of the first stage of labour by hours, and the second stage from an average of 50 minutes to 37 minutes.

How popular is the use of Hypnosis to aid birth?
More and more people are using hypnosis to aid birth in the UK, thanks to exposure in both local and national media. It is believed that The Duchess of Cambridge used hypnobirthing for all three of her pregnancies. We get many recommendations from local midwives and other birth practitioners. When you become attend our hypnobirthing training day we will equip you with the ability to connect with others around you that work with pregnant women. Many birth workers recommend hypnobirthing to the pregnant women they see, so providing you network you will find many people seeking your services. Many of our practitioners find that connecting with other birth workers in their area enriches their life in more ways than just one. You can join a wonderful community of people bringing important change to such a relevant part of life.

Without these connections you will still find many people wanting to take your course. Hypnobirthing is now accepted as a normal part of birth preparation.

Is your course accredited?

This is a question we are often asked. The short answer is no! The course is accepted for advertising by the hypnotherapy directory and the Hypnotherapy Society. If you are a  hypnotherapist you will know that the profession is not regulated and all associations are merely set up by someone like you or I! The only place we have considered getting accreditation from is the Royal College of Midwives however having looked into this we have some reservations. Firstly the benefit of registration for us is simply that the course will be listed on their website as CPD for midwives. We have midwives attending our course anyway so do not feel that we need to do that. We also find it slightly ironic that a midwife with no hypnosis knowledge can accredit a course that is hypnosis based! We would also have to pay £500 per year for this privilege. We don’t as yet see it as a benefit for either ourselves or our practitioners so haven’t registered with the RCM. Other practitioners have set up their own associations but it doesn’t mean anything! They just charge people for the pleasure of being listed on their website. This is absolutely their prerogative however having been registered with hypnobirthing associations for a number of years ourselves we chose to leave because it wasn’t benefiting us only costing us! We find it more beneficial to put time, money and effort into getting out there in the real world, meeting people, making contacts and finding business that way. We have close relationships with our local midwives, doulas and birth practitioners. We find that our practice is what accredits our course.  

Further Information

For more details, dates and costs of all HypnoBirth training courses worldwide, or if you want us to hold a training session in your town, just email us so that we can arrange this for you.

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