Hypnobirthing for Pregnancy


Studies show us that approximately 30,000 women each year experience birth trauma. The word trauma automatically causes many of us to imagine physical damage. Or perhaps a story that others would flinch at when retold. Trauma is also caused by emotions during an experience. When birth is frightening – regardless of why – it might cause birth trauma. The traumatic feelings sometimes arise from something more obvious. Like a fear of your baby dying because its heart rate slowed, an emergency caesarean or birth injuries. However, you can also experience birth trauma if you feel that you were not well looked after during labour. Feelings of a lack of control or helplessness might cause emotional or psychological trauma.

Birth trauma leaves you with symptoms such as anxiety, flashbacks, avoidant behaviour and makes it harder to bond with your baby. Birth trauma is not exclusive to the birthing mother and happens to birth partners too. 

When you do not know what to expect or were not told what to expect you are at risk of birth trauma due to feeling out of control. Thankfully we have a process that seeks to avoid this situation. Our hypnobirthing online course gives you more than enough information and tools for you to have a birth free from trauma. 


In the past women chose hypnobirthing alongside a natural birth plan. If they felt eager to birth at home and worried about the fewer pain relief options. Or maybe they didn’t want a medicalised birth. Hypnobirthing has helped many women birth more naturally. The techniques of hypnobirthing enable the body to work efficiently. Unnatural experiences do not slow down labour and the intensity is natural rather than heightened. In recent years the efficacy of hypnobirthing courses, alongside our knowledge of birth trauma has meant that more and more pregnant women and their birth partners recognise the benefits and use hypnobirthing alongside medicalised options. Nowadays courses have progressed and you can take this hypnobirthing online course from the comfort of your own home and get as good education as if you attended the course face to face. 

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