Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

In this course you will find an extremely thorough, evidence based hypnobirthing teacher training online. Designed for the practising hypnotherapist that wants to work with pregnant women. There is a preview of the first lesson under the curriculum tab of the course. 

All professional hypnotherapists have the knowledge and ability to provide hypnosis techniques for the pregnant women. Few have the physiological knowledge and experience of birthing practises to fully educate women. When a pregnant woman seeks out a hypnotherapist to guide her towards a positive birth, she seeks a full antenatal programme. 

Designed for the professional hypnotherapist that wants to personalise a programme to their clients. This course will give you the tools and knowledge to do so easily. However for those that want something more prescriptive there there is the option to purchase a variety of packs to help you on your way should you need it. Options include scripts and further hypnosis techniques and session set up. We have trained hypnobirthing practitioners since 2010, take our hypnobirthing teacher training online now. 

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