Hypnosis Scripts for Fertility

This pack gives five different hypnosis scripts for fertility to use for clients in a process of assisted reproduction. There is also an explanation of some of the processes that your client may be experiencing, this is general as assisted reproduction is a very personal and specific intervention.

You can use the scripts in conjunction with personalised therapy. When a client seeks your support to use hypnosis for fertility it is often as a complementary therapy in conjunction with medical interventions. When a client is undergoing assisted reproduction they might want to simply have someone who listens to them. You have the option to shorten these scripts as a nice way to finish a session, use them for the whole session or give to a recording to your client to use in between sessions.

An appropriate hypnotic induction and deepener is required for each script. Use your favourite or personalise it to the client. 

Scripts included in the pack;

Suppression Phase

IVF Stimulation script

Egg Collection

Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer

The Waiting Game

Not all clients will take the same assisted reproduction protocol, it is important to use the fertility course on this website to make yourself aware of the different protocols available. You client will also teach you. Sometimes the protocol is so personal to the client the fertility doctor has not tried it before. The scripts cover the five main stages of IVF, useful for a client that needs help suddenly. There is the option to personalise the scripts when you see fit. The scripts do not need to run from one into the other. When you have a client that comes to you in the later stages of assisted reproduction it is possible to use the later scripts without first having used the earlier. 



All scripts written by Juliet Hollingsworth 


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