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The Hypno Scripts in this course are second to none – so powerful xx

“Thank you Juliet for a such an informative day. The outline of the course is very clear and easy to work with and quality of the scripts are beautiful.”

“Thanks for the session the other night. I was so chilled out I didn’t even care about the lockdown.”


hypnobirthing relaxation script

Hypnobirthing Scripts Pack £50

This pack contains five hypnobirthing relaxation scripts, three hypnosis techniques and some word switches.

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  • Scripts one to three are different inductions with the same core element. I use these hypnobirthing relaxation scripts the first time I work with a hypnobirthing couple. The birth partner can also take a copy of the scripts to read to the pregnant woman. I also record them and give them an audio so that they can both listen to them together. The scripts help the hypnobirthing couple switch off from a busy day and focus inwardly. They give the parent/s time to bond with their baby and bond with each other. When using the hypnosis any anxiety evaporates away so the giving the body time to function in an optimal state. This is better for both mother and baby. When the hypnobirthing couple use a hypnobirthing relaxation script regularly they become familiar with the hypnotic state of mind. They will find it easy to switch off from the noise of the world to focus on birth when it happens. I recommend the couple use the hypnobirthing relaxation script daily to become familiar with the hypnotic state of mind.
  • The releasing fears and limiting beliefs script is something I always use within a hypnobirthing session. There is the possibility of an abreaction that will require some therapy skills.
  • The hypnobirthing visualization script for 38 weeks gestation is a script I use within a session once as a hypnobirthing relaxation script but also give to the client as an audio recording to use at home in the lead up to and during labour.


  • Included are three hypnosis techniques to be used at any point during your hypnobirthing sessions – all beneficial to pregnancy, birth and life itself.
  • On page 22, you will find some examples of more positive language choices. It is important to use positive language to prevent a birthing woman from searching for negativity in her experience, or fearing it in the lead up. 

hypnobirthing relaxation script

Initial Consultation £7

I always offer clients a free initial consultation. My belief is that therapy is a two way process and we need to work together as a team.

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When I work trans-personally this is even more relevant as transpersonal psychology relies heavily on the nature of the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client. Primarily, the therapist must take the role of an equal to their client and must be completely connected on the level of pure consciousness – sharing the same experience as the client in therapy. This shared consciousness ensures that empathy and insight can take place alongside a therapist’s discriminating and analytical stance. The free initial consultation gives me time to learn about the client and what they seek before confirming that I can work with them. The client also needs to feel a connection to me.

This initial consultation form is the one I use for all of my clients. It asks the questions I feel are necessary to gain a good insight. Whilst we often elaborate and go off on a tangent I feel that I have all bases covered by following this form. I will use the standard GAD-7 Anxiety  and PHQ-9 Depression forms alongside this.

Assisted Reproduction Pack £30

This pack gives five different fertility hypnosis scripts to use for clients in a process of assisted reproduction.

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Alongside an explanation of some of the processes that your client may be experiencing, these fertility hypnosis scripts can be used in conjunction with personalised therapy.

These fertility hypnosis scripts are really helpful when recorded as an audio and shared with your client to listen to in between sessions. Sometimes the stages of assisted reproduction can be so close together that you do not manage to have a face to face session with your client for each stage. In this situation you can easily share the relevant recording for them to listen to at home.

An appropriate hypnotic induction and deepener is required for each script.

Fertility hypnosis scripts included; Suppression Phase, IVF Stimulation script, Egg Collection, Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer, The Waiting Game

The Bundle £35

This bundle offers a discount on the assisted reproduction script pack and initial consultation form when purchased together.

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