West Midlands


Colette King
Telephone: 07940 545940

As a former nurse and health visitor I understand how our thought processes affect our health. In my clinical hypnotherapy practice I treat people with infertility problems, anxiety, stress, sleeping difficulties and for weight loss. If you would like to find out more please contact me.

Maggie Handy
Telephone: 07801 371167

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner specialising in hypnobirthing for beautiful natural births, fertility to improve chances of conception and hypnobanding for controlled weight reduction and management. I also work with management of stress, smoking cessation, phobias, insomnia, IBS, building confidence and self esteem. Please go to my website or contact me, for further information.


Kelly Anne Hill
Telephone: 07804 675715

I have been a therapist for a number of years and assist clients with a range of needs from anxiety and mood related confidence issues, goal setting and self-esteem work. Hypnobirthing is a real passion of mine and I used these techniques myself when I gave birth to my son in April 2014.

Sue Colley
Telephone: 07990 503645

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